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Tenant Fees

The following fees are only in the case of non-compliance with the clearly agreed rental payments dates or from damage or leaving the property in a condition that is not “normal wear and tear”.

Any fee is highlighted clearly so that they can be avoided. We hope that no fees are ever payable and this is the case in the majority of our properties that we manage. As long as rent is paid on time and the house well looked after - these fees will not apply. There is no Vat currently payable on these fees.

Fees for chasing late Rent (Rent is due on the 1st of each month):

1st Telephone Call/Text or email £5

Subsequent Letters or Emails £30.00

Visit to Premises £60.00

Preparation and Service of letters or Notices relating to Tenant(s) breaches under terms of this Agreement £150.00 Per Hour to cover solicitors costs.

Fees Chargeable General:

Maintenance Labour (Damage) £30.00 First Hour

Maintenance Labour thereafter (Damage) £30.00 Hourly, charged in half hour increments

Sublet (transfer a replacement tenant onto contract) £285.00

Replacement Door Key £40.00 Each

Rubbish Collection £10.00 Per Sack

Clean out recycle bin (to avoid - only put recyclables in the provided bin) £50

Abandoned belongings; storage £20.00 Per Day

TV/shopping trolley/cones removal £25.00 per item. Other rubbish removal at cost + arrangement fee of £25.

Locked out call out (Monday-Friday 9-5pm) £30.00.  You will have to contact lock smith for out of hours call outs (a new barrel will be required plus replacement keys) - please see  the “Emergencies” on the left hand side of page for further details.