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Replacement Persons

Persons Dropping out.

There are all sorts of reasons why members of a group may want to vacate, we do try to accommodate any changes, but they are subject to a fee.

The important point to note is that the members of the current contract remain jointly liable for the rent up to the end of the contract until a replacement person is found and replaced on the contract.

What to do if a tenant in your group wants to leave.

Let everyone know in the group of your plans.

Firstly decide which room will be re-let. The better the room size, the easier to re-let the room (double size rooms let easier than single rooms) .

Decide on what type of person as a replacement you would like  (male/female etc).

Decide on how you want to meet any potential persons and how they will be able to meet the remaining tenants and view property etc.

Decide if you want to find a replacement yourselves,

If the person leaving finds a replacement themselves there is a £150 charge for administration work arranging the new contract, dealing with ID’s for new person, dealing with deposit, dealing with any guarantors. This charge is subject to us agreeing to the transfer.

If you want us to advertise and try to find a replacement person that is suitable with all parties, deal with enquiries,dealing with any guarantors etc the charge is £285.

Once a new person is found as a Replacement

All parties will need to sign a “Deed of Assignment” that basically transfers parties on and off a contract. All parties will have to agree to the transfer (the leaving tenant, all the remaining tenants and the landlord and the new person). As all persons have to agree, the person must be a suitable replacement that all parties will be happy with.

It is important that the new person gets to meet the remaining tenants (if not in person then by Facebook etc) to establish they will all get on.

Once a new person is found and the “Deed of Assignment” is signed by all persons, the person leaving is then no longer bound by the original contract. Up to this point they remain liable for the rent up to the end of the contract.

Where to find a new tenant yourselves?

Ask friends

Try Facebook - there is a Portsmouth Student Housing group

Portsmouth University Housing Department will be able to give advice on where to advertise within the University.

Let us know - we may have someone contact us directly looking for a room.

Advertise on websites, the best ones for individual rooms are: