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Arranging the Check-In

At the start of the tenancy it is a very busy time. Scheduling a Check-In is based on a first come first served basis for your preferred time slot. Check-Ins may be arranged for after the start of your tenancy, but the full rent is still due from the start of the tenancy.

Note: There will be a single check-In per property so agree with your fellow house mates a check-In time where everyone can attend, or how you will make keys available to house mates who plan arrive after the scheduled Check-In. Please ensure that you arrive in good time for the scheduled Check-In time, otherwise late arrivals may need to reschedule / wait for the next available slot.

The Check-In process

A representative of KEY10 Lettings will meet you at your new home at the agreed time. Please knock on the front door when you arrive. If for any reason you are likely to be late please contact us, but note that late arrivals may need to reschedule / wait for the next available slot due to the number of tenants moving in at the start of the term etc.

During the Check-In the KEY10 Lettings representative will hand over the keys for all tenants, complete the inventory check (record any notes on the inventory) with you and show where the following are and how they operate:

Welcome pack with emergency and maintenance contact details (who to call if there is an issue)

House Booklet

How to logon onto the broadband

Gas meter (record meter reading and show how to turn on/off)

Electricity meter (record meter readings and show how to turn on/off)

Water stop cock

Water meters (if the property has metered water. Most houses will not - unless specified in the property details )

The boiler/heating system and how it operates e.g. heating timers

Washing machine / tumble dryers (if these are provided)

Smoke detectors, heat sensors, carbon monoxide detector and fire blanket

Recycle and waste bins, and confirmation of waste collection days

The KEY10 Lettings representative can also provide information on local amenities e.g. convenience stores, bus routes, etc.

If you have any queries please feel free to ask our representative.