Quality Portsmouth Student Accommodation



1. What do I need to do to reserve a property?
See the tab on left called “How to Rent a Property”

2. When do I have to pay the first month's rent and deposit?

The deposit (one months rent) is due when you return the Tenancy Agreement, it is payable by bank transfer, the holding deposit paid goes towards this. The first months rent is due on the 1st day of the Tenancy Agreement payable by Bank transfer.

3. What type of Tenancy Agreement will we sign?
You will sign an Assured Shorthold Agreement for the fixed term of the tenancy. Most of our agreements are joint agreements. This means that you and your guarantors are all responsible for all the rent and the condition of the property. If one person fails to pay, the burden falls to the others.

Please think twice about signing a contract with someone who is likely to cause problems. You don’t want in your group the person who never does the washing up, can’t ever pay their share of the rent, and is likely to put their foot through the TV when back from a wild night out.

4. When will we sign our Tenancy Agreement?
The Tenancy Agreement should be signed within a couple of weeks of the application.

5. How long does the Tenancy have to be for?
All our student tenancies run for a fix term, this will normally be for a period of 11 months, whole year terms can be arranged.

6. What about insurance?
The owner insures the property and his/her contents. Tenants will need to take out their own contents insurance to cover their personal belongings.

7. What about repairs? For example, what if the central heating breaks down?
The owner is responsible for internal and external repairs, if we are managing the property we will arranging all works. We have a maintenance team and 24 hr emergency numbers.  

The tenant only pays if the breakdown or repair is due to negligence or misuse.

8. What about emergencies?
For emergencies, where we are the managing agents, we have 24-hour call. In other cases where your landlord manages the property, you will be been given all his/her contact details when you collect your keys. Any out of hour call should be a genuine emergency otherwise a charge will be incurred. A list of these emergencies and numbers to call will be included in your house booklet.

9. How and when do we pay our rent?
Your rent must be paid on the first day of every month either directly to Key10 Lettings (for houses managed by us) or directly to your landlord (for houses not managed by us). Payment should be made by bank transfer. Rent should be paid in one single payment for the house

Our Bank Details Are: Barclays Bank, Sort code 20-45-45, account 63927792. As a reference please put your property address (as much as you can fit on).

Alternately, term rent can be paid in advance.

11. What is the guarantor agreeing to by signing the guarantor forms

A guarantor is undertaking to guarantee the commitment made by their child/ward (The Tenant). The tenant is agreeing to a joint and several agreement and, therefore, the guarantor is agreeing to guarantee a joint and several agreement.

By guaranteeing the tenant you will be guaranteeing the whole tenancy. The contact details for all fellow guarantors will be provided, should you wish to discuss this tenancy with them.

12. What happens if one or more of the students do not find a suitable guarantor?
Each student must have a suitable guarantor or the tenancy will not proceed. We ask international students to contact us so we can give details of the process.

13. Are students liable for Council Tax?
If the tenant is a full-time student, they are exempt from paying this for the period of their studies. We require proof from each tenant that they are registered at full-time We will inform the council on your behalf. If a tenant is not a full time student then the house will loose this exemption and the tenants will become liable.

14. Why is the tenant not permitted to use Sellotape or Blu-Tak?

Sellotape and Blu-Tak leave glue and oil marks on walls. If the tenant chooses to use them, they will probably have to pay for the entire room (or at least the wall concerned) to be repainted. If the tenant wishes to hang a framed picture on the wall, they must first check with the landlord or agent.

15. Safety

Safety is our number one concern.  All houses will have current Gas Safety Certificate, Mains Smoke Alarms will be fitted as required, Carbon Monoxide detectors provided, Fire blanket provided, all houses will have a current Electrical Safety certificate. All houses are registered with Portsmouth City Council and will be licensed. All electrical appliances will have been PAT tested as required.